I would like to express my gratitude for the time that you share with my mother when she attends your facility, the Aging Well Center. This is the only time that she has to socialize with people her age;  if it were not for her going to Aging Well, she would be a shut-in in her little apartment with no stimulation other than the television and her cat! 

Also, while there, my mother gets physical therapy on her shoulders as well as leg strengthening exercises to help with her unsteadiness.  This has cut down the number of falls tremendously and has made both my mother and myself a lot less apprehensive about her living alone.

Your facility has brought a little more life into my mother. Thank you.

Karen C., Adult Child Of An Aging Well Center Guest
Why Choose Aging Well?
Aging  Well Center is an adult day care center where seniors or disabled adults can go during the day to socialize, take part in activities, get medical services and enjoy healthy meals and snacks. Some of our guests have physical or cognitive impairments while others are in good health, but just need a place to go to avoid the isolation of being home alone all day. 

Adult day care makes it easier for families to keep their loved ones at home and allows caregivers to continue to work and take a break from caring for their aging or disabled relatives. Caregivers have less stress even when their loved ones only attend adult day care a few days a week. Aging Well Center guests thrive in our care and are happy when they return home, which makes it easier for their caregivers to enjoy their time with them when they come home at the end of the day.

The Aging Well Center serves those needing both short term care, for example, following hospital discharge, and long term care.  Adult day care is a far less expensive alternative to a nursing home or assisted living facility and can delay the need for these services while keeping people in their own homes longer.

The Aging Well Center is appropriate for physically healthy adults and those who have suffered a stroke or heart attack, have traumatic brain injuries, dementia or Alzheimer's disease, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, MS, diabetes, or other chronic illnesses. The center is wheelchair accessible and accommodates people with limited mobility and vision or hearing problems. Our staff is trained to deal with incontinence and can bathe our guests at the center and assist them with eating.

What Caregivers Say...
Peace Of Mind For You...
Companionship, Activities, 
and Care for them.
What Is The Next Step?
We encourage prospective guests and their caregivers to join us for a free trial day to meet our staff and get a feel for the Aging Well adult day care center. 

Please contact us with any questions you may have or to request your Free Trial Day.

420 MAPLE STREET     MARLBOROUGH, MA 01752     508-485-7700     info@AgingWellCenter.com
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What Our Guests Say...
My favorite part of coming to the Aging Well Center is eating! The meals here are terrific.
Jim W., Aging Well Center Guest

I feel loved and cared for by the staff.  I feel like I fit in with the other clients and most of all I feel safe.  We do a lot of trips and fun stuff, I feel lucky to have a place like this.
Martha G., Aging Well Center Guest
Our comfortable fourteen passenger wheelchair-accessible custom vans and other vehicles provide door-to-door transportation for our guests from their homes to the Aging Well Center in Marlborough, Massachusetts. 

Our highly trained drivers and aides will assist those who need a little extra help getting into the van. Taking the van is not mandatory, but just an extra service that we offer to make it easier for caregivers to get their loved ones to our adult day care center.

We currently pick up guests in the following Massachusetts towns and bring them to the Aging Well Center: ActonAshlandFraminghamGraftonHopkintonHudsonNatickNorthborough, Marlboro, SouthboroughSudbury and Westborough.

Don't see your town listed? Aging Well Center will schedule new pickups in any town within a 25 mile radius of the center.
Door-To-Door Transportation To The Aging Well Center
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